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Private Intuitive Sessions

Imagine having a stadium full of advisors who are completely rooting for you & so excited to point you in the direction of your wildest dreams. As a channel, I’m involved in the sense that I make the connection with "the crew" (what I affectionately term anyone who drops in). I then help facilitate the questions, and sort through the answers until you are completely satisfied and full.


Intuitive sessions are conversations between you, me, and the guidance that comes in. A totally fun and interactive experience, you can ask and follow up in order to receive specific & forward moving advice.

Sessions are surprisingly playful and loving, while the work is deep and powerful.


I tune in on where you are and where you can be going. The work is not fortune telling - we are not predicting anything. I can get a sense of probabilities but as far as I understand - the second you hear information, you are already giving out energy allowing or rejecting it - so that will play its part into your future. We are a free will world - things may be strongly possible - but nothing is written in stone.


That being said, there may be some feeling for what will be coming in the future which we can use to help choose next steps. Working together from the present moment, we discover terrific guidance and tools that can empower and encourage you to move forward with wonderful clarity and excitement. My specialty and preference is to come up with what are sustainable long term solutions that you can actively carry out immediately.

Just as there are different types of doctors, there are different types of intuitives. I don’t consider myself a medium who expressly speaks to those who have departed, so while there may be a chance a loved one who has passed may show up, that is not a usual expectation in the readings. I also am not a medical intuitive so while I can get a general sense of health issues, I would not rely on me solely for medical questions. I identify myself mostly as a universal answering machine. Together, you and I press the play button and discover what information is available to you at this moment in time.

I’m relied upon for my nonjudgmental care and keeping people’s inner most secrets, fears and issues private.



Before the session

  • Upon booking a session, you will receive a zoom link. (Please be on time and ready to go at the top of our meeting together)

  • Let me know if you would like your session recorded.

  • If you need to cancel for any reason, please inform within 24 hours of the session. Unless it is an unexpected emergency, there will be no refund after that time.


The top of the session

  • I will take a few minutes just to say hi and get acclimated (which is also when I am tuning into you and getting oriented around your energy.)

  • I usually have you begin talking about what it is you would like to address in the session.

  • Pretty immediately, I start receiving information.  For more info on how this works: Michelle's "Super Powers"

  • At some point I will interrupt you to show you what I am getting.

  • Then we begin a fun dialogue between you, me and whatever guidance is coming in.


What to keep in mind during the session

  • I recommend you come to your session completely open with no preconceived idea as to what “news” wants to come to you. Come prepared with questions or aspects of your life you would like to explore (career, love life, health, patterns, issues, finances, the state of the world or your world, etc.). The more details you can give, the more depth of information will be available. Let go of your expectations - perhaps what you think you need is not actually what needs attention - we will get to the core issue instead

  • PLEASE NOTE: never feel like you can't speak, contribute, or question. This is all about you and your authority. We are simply here to assist so feel free to be the center of attention in the spotlight at all times.

  • ANOTHER NOTE: If anything seems incorrect or not what you thought - say something. We can address any question until the answer makes sense - don't keep going if you are confused or disagree.

  • Sessions tend to last an hour. I will let you know when we are nearing the end so that we close out whatever we are discussing properly and not start something new that won't be completed.

  • It should feel uplifting, relieving and fun. If it doesn't for any reason - LET ME KNOW!

    • Here are other people's experiences, to get a richer sense: TESTIMONIALS


Please email me to discuss your specific needs, rates and schedule your appointment




Access to my Audio Stress Relief, Mindfulness, & Calm Audio Packet

To download for free, use this code: RELAXFORFREE

(This is a fun way to experience what I offer my long term clients at a no cost opportunity to understand what I can provide. Enjoy!)

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