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Personal Intuitive Sessions

Transformational Advice

Michelle offers Private Intuitive Sessions to help with any personal or professional issues or questions




Intuitive sessions are conversations between you, Michelle, and the guidance that comes in. A totally fun and interactive experience, you can ask and follow up on any questions you may have and receive advice on things you didn’t even realize you could learn about. As a channel, Michelle is involved in the sense that she makes the connection, helps facilitate the questions, and sorts through the answers until you are completely satisfied and full.

Sessions are surprisingly playful and loving, while the work is deep and powerful. Michelle can tune in on where you are and where you can be going. Her work is not fortune telling although within each session, there may be some sense of what will be coming in the future. Working together, you discover terrific guidance and tools that can empower and encourage you to move forward with wonderful clarity and excitement. 

These sessions are less about what is going to happen to you or for you  – it is more about what is presently happening and how can we help make it a more comfortable, successful lifestyle for you now. Michelle prefers to come up with what are sustainable long term solutions that you can actively carry out immediately.

Michelle is known for her nonjudgmental care and keeping people’s inner most secrets, fears and issues private. Because of her background in the entertainment field and being around so many celebrities her whole life, she specializes in working with rather well-known people and high end financial executives.

It is recommended you come to your session completely open with no preconceived idea as to what “news” wants to come to you. Come prepared with questions or aspects of your life you would like to explore (career, love life, health, patterns, issues, finances, the state of the world or your world, etc.). The more details you can give, the more depth of information will be available.

Just as there are different types of doctors, there are different types of intuitives. Michelle does not consider herself a medium, so while there may be a chance a loved one who has passed may show up, that is not a usual expectation in her readings. She identifies herself mostly as a universal answering machine. Together, you and she press the play button and discover what information is available to you at this moment in time.

"Get all the assistance you need! My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise"

Please email Michelle to discuss your specific needs, rates and schedule your appointment

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