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Discover YOUR 'Super Powers'
Develop Intuitive Abilities 


Find out what kind of intuitive abilities you have, determine your internal GPS navigational system and build a relationship with it for personal and business success.

I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to receive messages and assistance on their own. It’s just a question of learning what your innate abilities are and how to access the information.  Imagine communicating with your guidance so that you finally feel – powerful, centered, confident and commanding

As I explain in my book, The Intuition Tool Kit, there are over 75 different ways anyone can connect with extrasensory experiences. These private sessions put you on the fast track, as together we can discern which of these 75 possibilities are your more organic talents. And once that is determined, I can assist you in figuring out how to work with your newly discovered gifts. Once you sign up, you will receive a free copy of the book which has an additional BONUS workbook to play with at the end.

In a package of sessions, I will assess and then assist the best ways to hone your specific super skills & teach how to work with them. Plus how to trust your own gut and instincts. Then I will empower you to go away, practice and return with questions and deeper awareness.

The Universe is an eternally giving and surprising partner. Be prepared to laugh and astonish yourself with seemingly miraculous transformations.



Part 1

  • Evaluation & Introduction

    • Tune in to your personal blueprint and receive messages from your “crew” to get acclimated

    • assess which of your 5 senses are your strongest

    • what are the top abilities

    • uncover some abilities you didn't know you had

  • Sort through any blocks, confusion, or resistance

    • relaxation techniques to get more firmly into your body

    • quieting the mind and opening up the heart

    • how to trust that the guidance you are receiving is accurate

  • Prepare for the changes that may occur by opening these gifts 

    • empowering skills you didn’t even know you had at your fingertips  

Part 2

  • Basic reliable Yes or No internal gut guidance

    • finding which technique works best for you

      • internal/external

      • physical/mind's eye

  • Cementing personal guidance before tapping into other worldly assistance

  • Introduction to your 3 guides

    • who they are

    • where they hang around your person

    • how to learn to communicate with them


As I understand it, we all have three guides who were assigned to us at birth. They have always been with you and will always surround you. They know everything you have been through as willing and loving observers. Once you become specifically aware of them, they can be more upfront assistants, offering advice, service or messages. The guides tend to get ecstatic to be recognized, named and noted. Everyone seems to find this connection incredibly loving and comforting. as we sort through the best ways you can continue this relationship.


Part 3

  • Strengthening your talent and accuracy

    • working with your top chosen abilities

    • Creating bespoke tools and techniques for practicing and heightening your powers

  • Work based on discoveries during time away

    • any part that needs extra attention or extra help

    • can also address any other aspects of the metaphysical or supernatural you might be curious about


Part 4

  • Your turn!

    • You lead a session and practice your new found skills while I spot and double check your guidance

    • together we see how far you have come and where you might go next


  • recommendations

    • what to study, read, learn next

    • where else to go for specific learning

  • discussion of what another round of sessions might look like for more advanced work together.


    Please email me to discuss your specific needs, rates and schedule your appointment




Access to my Audio Stress Relief, Mindfulness, & Calm Audio Packet

To download for free, use this code: RELAXFORFREE

(This is a fun way to experience what I offer my long term clients at a no cost opportunity to understand what I can provide. Enjoy!)

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