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Freedom you crave to make major (and minor) decisions in your life.



"...It works & it's so much easier than you think."


Discover your Personal Inner Guidance and how to work with it. Develop an intuition skill set that reliably assists in your daily routine.


Michelle Cohen

Change your life with channeled information.

"...whimsical, inspiring, and comedic."

Depending on your mood, need, or question, pick a particular page and see what message is there for you. This is a never-ending journey into insight, guidance, and empowerment.


Michelle Cohen

Take command over what is scary (real or imagined.)

"...Very sweet AND informative"


Positive, safe, and easy-to-follow guidance showing exactly how to tackle terror in the night. An excellent resource for parents as well as professionals who work with children.

Feel better about the "change."



"...Who knew menopause could be so cool?”


A menopause pop-up & activity book. A loving, funny and surprisingly eye-opening way to experience this inevitable phase of life.

Improvising Out loud: My Life Teaching Hollywood How to Act - Jeff Corey's memoir & acting book

"a classic, epic book..."


An absorbing chronicle of noted actor, Blacklist survivor, and acting teacher for an impressive array of up-and-coming stars with a foreward by Leonard Nimoy and artwork by Jack Nicholson.

Enjoy your vocal development with ease .

"Comprehensive, Insightful  & a Breezy, Fun Read..."


Chock-full of rewarding benefits from beginner orientation to professional advice. Challenge the notion of “I can’t” and shine with the absolute confidence around "unlimited possibility thinking."

Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 5.15.37 PM.png

Michelle Cohen

Stranger Things meets The Craft, with a little Da Vinci Code in between.



Based on true events...coming soon!


What if the scary thing you imagine under the bed found a way to. . . communicate? Four usually super-smart BFF tweens are left alone with a OUIJA board. The friends' extraordinary sessions progress from irresistible fun to life-changing terror, as the novel unfolds and reveals the ramifications of screwing around with the Dark Side.

cover kindness pdf_edited_edited.jpg





Kindness journey to explore through the YEAR.




52 Weeks of Kindness. 52 suggestions on what kindness to pursue each week. Some are about other people, some are about yourself. Plus celebrity quotes about kindness. FREE - just click to receive.

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