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“Michelle- everything you sensed about my new job is true!  You mentioned me standing my ground and keeping boundaries- 6 months into the job, I informed my supervisor that it wasn’t what I thought it would be and she not only improved her supervision but gave me an immediate raise. The following year, my pay increased by 45%!!  Crazy but true!  Thanks for giving me the insight into my success!!  And yes, please use this statement as an endorsement!!  Lots of love and thanks for all the good you put out there!”

Alison Walker Milligan, Northport, NY



“Michelle Cohen has a rare gift at reading the shadows and light on the landscape of YOU. She is laser sharp, deep and heart-centered. She is also extremely accurate at helping you to look at and clarify both the big and little picture aspects of your life, so that you can attain freedom from what ails you. As the creator of the Celebrity Gift Basket and Celebrity Lounge industries, I had the pleasure of getting readings from some of the top intuitives on the planet. Michelle has given me the most accurate readings I have ever received. If you're thinking about having a session with her, DO IT!”J

Jaimsyne Blakely, Los Angeles, CA


"I would consider Michelle to be one of my angels here on earth. There was an event in my life that broke me wide open and left me very alive but also confused at the same time. I reached out to her and in her loving and powerfully intuitive way she brought me back into alignment. Her ability to connect with my guides gave me an incredible opening to who I am, my own powers and insights and a better direction to move in to further expand. No matter what the question, there was always an accurate answer delivered with love. I have been blessed to work with other intuitives but yet to meet another with so much to share. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey Michelle has been there and can help guide you along your way. Allow yourself to be blessed with her warmth, love and laughter. "

Bevan Crocker, Charlottesville Va 

“Michelle is awesome!  I am so happy that she is willing to share her gift as an empath.  She communicates with my special friends and I have received some wonderful guidance and insight from our sessions.  Her gentle style and wonderful sense of humor stay with me long after our time is over.  As a result of our sessions, I am more connected to my “self”, and more connected to the energy around me.   The support, guidance and gentle nudging I receive from Michelle during our sessions has made, and continues to make, a wonderfully positive difference in my life”

Lea S, Texas

“Because of Michelle's accepting and loving, calm nature---I was able to share some events in my life that I do not feel comfortable sharing with anyone and I also questioned their validity; her guides confirmed and validated me which gave me great peace of mind. As a result I have more confidence that I am on the right path----she also gave me some resources to help guide me. Thank you Michelle---I'll always remember our time together”


Sharon H, California

“I never believed in the spirit world or psychics until I encountered Michelle.  When she spent time with me, I have come away impressed with her compassion and emotional honesty.  She was able to channel knowledge from passed loved ones that she couldn't possibly know. Michelle made me feel whole again, filling in the missing pieces of my life and letting me look forward to living life again.   She is trustworthy, honest and has great humanity.  I would highly recommend Michelle's intuitive sessions as a way to continue healing and to get in touch with your feelings”

Claire H, California

“Michelle is truly a gifted Being of Light. Her sessions are inspiring. Michelle sets you at ease immediately, with warmth and humor. You feel a connection to the Source she is able to tap into and know that you're on a journey together to discover your potential. I can only describe my time with her as a transformative experience, a gift I can unwrap over and over again”

Sue K, New York

“Michelle facilitates intuitive readings with the person's highest good in mind. She has so much warmth and her readings are so insightful!”

Crista S, New York

“It was clear to me that Michelle could see spirits or entities above us.  She was able to ascertain how many were there, their gender and what message they had for me.  Here's some way I can delineate how I trusted what she said she saw: I had showed her a picture of a Grave yard, for my personal reasons.  Several moments later I asked Michelle a question which she would then ask the spirits.  She suddenly stopped saying, "Take this away" (referring to the picture of the graveyard) "It's too noisy.  I can't concentrate." That statement was strictly out of left field.  I was struck by the absolute spontaneity and authenticity of her throw-away remark. I did as she asked. And then we got to work. I found her penetratingly remarkable and would recommend her work to anyone seriously interested in her gift”

Lilyan Strassman, LCSW-R Academy for Guided Imagery, Faculty

 “Michelle Cohen is an amazing gift of intuition, guidance, and spiritual love! Unlike other psychics I have worked with, Michelle is grounded on this earth while receiving messages from (my) loved ones and entities. She doesn't get carried away with scattered energies or lose herself in a trance, but transmits messages with accuracy, clarity, insight and humor. Whether in person or on the phone, every session with Michelle has been an enlightening journey into knowing myself, my purpose on Earth, and my connection to the Universe. No matter what state I'm in when we start, the end of each session has left me feeling more grounded and relaxed, inspired and prepared with new tools to deal with my relationships and career, anything and everything that needs attention in my life. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone needing guidance in their lives, with a hunger for transcendental perspective” 

Stephanie S, New York

“I had never had an intuitive session before. I’m very happy it was with Michelle as she is warm, intelligent, and direct. She has a way of immediately making you feel at ease with the process. I was able to have dialogue with her around the issues in my life that matter most to me, while also receiving some unexpected but delightful insight. I feel propelled forward in the right direction, reaffirmed in my path, and whole in my being. Michelle truly “saw” me while never once making me feel uncomfortable. Thanks so much, Michelle!”

Chelsey Kapuscinski, Brooklyn, NY

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