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Broadway Divas

"Loved the videos, and oral history of musicals and stars." -Barry

"Hostess was not only informative, but seemed really happy to share with us. She also has a lovely voice." -Eileen

"Great stories & showing how it came out of social history." -Sharon

"All the behind the scenes information and even rare video!! It was amazing and she was a delight!!" -Mary

"Michelle! Her passion and knowledge about Broadway was tremendous. I do hope she does more sessions!" -Linda

"Michelle was such a delightful speaker and had a great voice when she added lyrics." -Suzan

"The presenter was knowledgeable and personable." -Arlene

"I loved the fabulousness of women, the breadth of the speaker's knowledge and clear love for the topic." -Grace

"Wonderful presentation of divas of bwy musicals during a time when bwy is closed down. Well organized and full of energy." -Monte

"It was interesting to see the list of Divas selected. I loved the few clips of music/video that were shown." -Cynthia

"The presenter was the whole package - amazing research and live songs!" -Prudy

"The speaker was well prepared and knowledgeable." -Zena

"The speaker was lively and very knowledgeable. Personally, I really enjoyed the Q&A were we just chatted." -Matthew

"Nice and breezy, with great info on changes in vocal styles/expectations...and the little bits of trivia." -Joanna

"Loved listening to Michelle’s take on the DIVAs and her presentation thru the decades." -Tracy

"I love Michelle’s personal insight and enthusiasm." -Kathy

"Content was great but it was the knowledge, insight and passion of the presenter that really made it fantastic!" -Greg

"Speaker's knowledge and enthusiasm. I was especially impressed with how she grouped the Divas. She probably named every great Diva in the last 8 decades. I certainly appreciated her insights describing the characteristics and versatility of the Divas." -Donald

"Michelle was engaging, knowledgeable, personable, and well organized. Loved her ability to sing segments & share stars performing." -Susan

"Michelle was very knowledgeable about Broadway and the female voice. She presented her material very well." -Barbara

"Michelle was an EXCELLENT speaker and was incredibly knowledgable. I loved the organization of the topics as well as the integration of videos to augment the lecture." -Michael

"Everything! The presenter was knowledgeable , and the presentation was so filled with stories and videos that were well chosen. Wish it could have gone on and on." -Pam

"The presenter was very well informed and organized in her presentation. She gave enough detail but I could have listened to her for much longer." -Kathleen

"The teacher was excellent. She knows her subject matter and knows how to present a coherent story covering decades of the genre. Well organized, informative, good whether you knew a lot or a little about the topic." -Cheryl

"Michelle knows so much about Broadway! She packed a lot of interesting information into the 90- minute webinar." -Judy

"The host was very knowledgeable and prepared. She was articulate and organized and presented a great number of actual brief Broadway performances." -Jay

"Michelle was a fantastic presenter! So well prepared and knowledgeable on the subject matter. She did such a great job trying to fit in as much as she could within the time frame." -Wendy

"Excellent presenter with great insights; liked the performers she covered." -Leslie

"A very knowledgeable and enthusiastic lecturer !" -Harold

Mary Pickford​

"Speaker deeply knowledgeable and excited about her project. Lovely illustrations (still pictures, quotations, and film clips) and an openness to questions from the audience." -Martha

"Insightful and informative. The presenter was enthusiastic, friendly and very easy to understand! Excellent, excellent!" -Elaine

"I thought I knew a lot about Mary Pickford, but I learned so much more." -Eileen

"I liked the passion and prep by the host. I knew nothing about Mary Pickford before the class and almost didn't sign up. The host has left me super-enthusiastic on the subject" -Sanford

"I loved all of it, but having those clips really enhanced the presentation. Michelle did an extremely super job!" -Brenda

"Really informative, made me care a lot about Mary Pickford and very organized presentation" -Liz

"Michelle Cohen was fabulous. So enthusiastic and bubbly. I loved her 21st century way of explaining Mary Pickford’s thoughts." -Susan

"The speaker was very passionate and knowledgeable about Ms. Pickford's professional and personal life." -Robert

"The enthusiasm of the speaker. She obviously loves her subject. Great photos." -Ana

"I learned about someone who I didn't know much about before, even though i love movies. The presenter's passion for her subject definitely enhanced the presentation." -Susan

"Michelle was so knowledgeable and you just wanted her to keep going!" -Jenifer

"The very knowledgeable lecturer, and her excellent photos!" -Harold

"She is an excellent speaker. Well planned and delivered presentation. So much better than any other speaker I've seen so far." -Jonathan

"Very informative, good use of images, enthusiastic presenter." -Taunja

"Host was knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. I know a lot about silents and learned things!" -Kathy

"Well presented, great research, fun and multimedia. Just LOVED it!" -Jan

Jeff Corey

"Wonderful presentation! Michelle is such a charming and thoughtful presenter. I love how she made Jeff’s story come to life!" -Caesar

"Corey was inspirational and his story needs to be told." -Gloria

"Good speaker, fascinating man, good mix of video, photos" -Nancy

"Narration was interesting and well-organized with photos to accompany what was being discussed." -Mimmye

"The enthusiasm of the host; the endorsement from Corey's family; seeing his notes on some of his students." -Kathleen

"So informative and inspirational, dynamite presenter." -Fran

"I liked everything, especially the things I didn't know about. I went to school with his daughters and took acting classes at his home on Cheremoya Ave. Things I didn't know are all about the stars he worked with and Army experiences." -Barbara

"Engaging not only in the subject matter, but in the presentation. The visuals were well done." -Stephanie

"It was interesting to learn about the unique life & career of an actor who a generation of people grew up watching on the TV & Film." -Beth

"I knew about Jeff Corey as an actor but not his life. So it was very interesting." -Charles

"Great content about a fascinating man presented by a knowledgeable person with a superabundance of charm and enthusiasm." -Ross

"It included a lot of information that I did not know, but really enjoyed learning." -Regina

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