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Michelle's Abilities

Michelle is a deeply skilled intuitive and has given thousands of channeled readings in her career. She has the unique ability to tune into your personal blue print and receive messages, impressions and have full on dialogue with entities from other realms.

She assists her clients in discovering their own unique and individual powers. Her coaching exponentially changes the way you perceive yourself and what you are capable of achieving in positive and permanent ways.

Michelle is considered a constant channel: Able to hear, see, feel, and know information there is no way she could know on her own. Her work can be considered conversing with the universe, spirit guides, angels, entities, higher self, or a really loud inner voice that can assist.

Known for her joyful approach and ability to create a safe environment for curiosity and exploration, Michelle helps you discover your hidden gems of supernatural abilities and experiences. You might have suspected you had them but never knew how to access it. Now you can!

Private sessions can be conducted in-person or via the telephone. It makes no difference to the reading itself.

from Michelle:

“I know what I know and suddenly I know things I shouldn’t know. I will be speaking to someone I have just met and a word or phrase comes out of my mouth that I have no idea why. Next thing I know, that person stares at me bewildered because I have just said something very specific and intimate to them. I get as surprised as they do at my accuracy. I find sessions fascinating and tend to have a very ‘I don’t know - let’s find out’ attitude about it. I find that even if someone calls me in hysterics at the top of the session, by the end they are laughing and at ease. I never leave a client hanging. That is not ok with me.”

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