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Michelle's "Super Powers"

“Michelle is awesome!  I am so happy that she is willing to share her gift as an empath.  She communicates with my special friends and I have received some wonderful guidance and insight from our sessions.  Her gentle style and wonderful sense of humor stay with me long after our time is over.  As a result of our sessions, I am more connected to my “self”, and more connected to the energy around me.  The support, guidance and gentle nudging I receive from Michelle during our sessions has made, and continues to make, a wonderfully positive difference in my life” - Lea S, Texas

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Hi! I'm Michelle ~

I'm called to support YOU - the change makers, the leaders of communities, CEO's, Entrepreneurs, the shining Stars -  who have a conscious awareness that you're spreading light into this troubled world. Our planet needs as many lighthouses beaming their strong signal as possible. Your thriving, flourishing, & absolute clarity of purpose matters.

As a fellow Lighthouse, I welcome you to my shore to help you shine even brighter. Dark is vanquished when light beams in. The lives of everyone you touch are exponentially better the more aligned you become with your soul's purpose.


A major publicist wisely summed me up - 'I provide a window into people's souls.' A colleague also offered - 'I am a Can Opener of the Soul' (I can open it). I'm here to provide for you.

I also work to strengthen the gifts of those already deeply committed to & working their magic:

  • The Wizards (Harry Potter & Hermione)

  • The Witches  (Elphaba & Glinda)

  • The Sorcerers (Yoda & Merlin)

  • The Avengers (those with Spidey Sense) & X - Men (like Storm)

How do I deliver results?

I've been given the uncanny privilege of being able to tap into unseen, unheard and unrevealed information that most people only get a static signal on. Mine is distinct, clear and profound which enables me to guide people more firmly onto their paths.

Many people get vague notions or spotty inklings and aren't sure how to interpret them. I've spent decades honing my skills and by now have the unique ability to tune into your personal blueprint and receive complete messages, spot on impressions and have full dialogues with entities from other realms.​

In my 30+ career as an intuitive consultant, I've given thousands of private channeled sessions. Because of my background in the entertainment field and being around so many celebrities my whole life, I specialize in working with rather well-known people and high end financial executives. I've been hired to oversee film productions (coining a new phrase "Wellness and Performance Supervisor" for movie sets), rehearsals, office meetings and other group endeavors. For whomever I'm working with, I effectively use my ability to tune into higher realms and bring into reality the best possible outcomes.

The value of what I can provide and the outcome you will get

I am known for my joyful approach and ability to create a safe environment for curiosity and exploration. Catering to seekers, world changers & anyone who finds themselves at a crossroads, my abilities exponentially change the way my clients perceive themselves & what they're capable of achieving in positive and permanent ways.

I find sessions fascinating and tend to have a very ‘I don’t know - let’s find out’ attitude about it. I find that even if someone calls me deeply upset at the top of the hour, by the end they are laughing and at ease. I never leave a client hanging. That is not ok with me. Together we find the highest quality - most successful solutions before ending the call.

My sessions have often been compared to super charged therapy. We get to the bottom of issues that have been wrestled with for years and bring them to a resounding close. Fast.


It varies for each person but we are usually addressing any resistance or confusion you are having, and clearing what’s in the way. You or I may not be able to identify it on our own, but higher consciousness knows where the treasure is buried and leads us there with pleasure.

You end up so aligned with your true self, your life transforms in demonstrative ways. (that's usually how I get business - a client's life is so altered for the better, people ask how that came about and they say - go work with Michelle).

Now you may be exactly does this work - like who am I talking to?

I'm considered a constant channel: Able to hear, see, feel, and know information there is no way I could know on my own. My work can be considered conversing with the universe, source, spirit guides, angels, entities, higher self, or a really loud inner voice that can assist. I don't personally think it matters who I commune with or where the info's coming from - as long as it's accurate, useful and propels you forward in positive ways.

When I start receiving information, this comes in the form of direct sentences and images I am handed in my mind's eye and as an inner knowingness within. I don't tend to get vague impressions although once in awhile I may not understand what I am being told and may ask your thoughts. I also start feeling inside your body and can automatically discern when something is true or not, when something is accurate or off, when something is not aligned and as soon as it's corrected. Weird, but cool.

I'm aware of the knowledge I normally have and then suddenly I have an instant awareness of things I 'shouldn't' know. I'll be speaking to someone I've just met and a word or phrase comes out of my mouth - I have no idea why. Next thing I know, that person stares at me bewildered because I've just said something very specific and intimate to them. I get as surprised as they do at my accuracy. But its so particular and private and germane to that person only, I can no longer question its veracity.

I also help clients discover their hidden gems of supernatural abilities and experiences. They might have suspected they had them but never knew how to access it. I think I have been given a huge array of talents for the express purpose of recognizing the potential in others and knowing how to organize them around it.

How am I changing lives?

I'll let my clients speak for themselves:

Dedicated to empowerment, my work focuses on ways to help your human spirit laugh, sing and soar.


Listen to their experiences (20 min)

Read about their experiences

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