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I started my adventures in the biz at the ripe old age of 6. Equipped with awesome long braids and an uncanny confidence, I, as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz was home. By 10, I added directing and producing to my bag of tricks (you haven't lived til you have done a hard negotiation with the principal, getting permission to present your personal adaptation of Little Women in the gym for the entire school. And play 'Jo' of course).

Completely obsessed, I performed professionally throughout my teens, averaging four shows a year and countless soloing in concerts. I got my Equity card right after graduating from Sarah Lawrence College. I toured in a musical revue of Broadway shows in Germany (it seems I got there right after a little known performer named Jennifer Lopez finished her leg of the tour!). Immediately following that gig, I toured in Nunsense with Georgia Engel. Then, I started working behind the scenes as well. I created my own production company, producing and directing new works of art in NYC.

I had the great pleasure to be the New York Producer and General Manager of Schoolhouse Rock Live! (an adaptation of the ABC Emmy-Award winning cartoon). It was a hit and we ran the show Off-Broadway for a year before opening it up to national tours and regional productions. Now every state in the country can boast of some incarnation of the show at their local schools and/or theatres.

I am Co-Founder of my own entertainment company, Really Really Inc. which creates and produces innovative products in publishing, film, and television. Curious as to whether everyone could have the ability to sing, I started a vocal coaching practice and ended up teaching at several acting schools including NYU. (P.S. Yes, I discovered, everyone CAN sing, and I wrote a book to prove it!).


At the same time, I was introduced to my supernatural abilities. After much exploration and experimentation, I had to come to the conclusion that it was indeed 'for realz' and have been assisting people with messages from the Universe ever since. I have now been working as an Intuitive Coach for over 20 years. I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by discovering their inner guidance and how to work and focus it for personal and business success. It is super cool!!

I spent my childhood very open and sensitive to everything around me. I could sense that there were more “people” or things in the room than I could see. In fact, I could literally feel them. They were always gentle, but when you notice the touch of a hand on the back of your head and you know you are the only one in the room, it is a very unnerving experience. I also could tell if people were lying. I never understood why everyone would be nodding along to someone’s untruths and why no one said anything, so I would just quietly observe. It was not until my mid-twenties, when a dear friend, seeing that I was in a bit of a crisis, opened me up to the reality of my abilities. It seemed that I could check in with the universal language and receive information there is no way I could know from a human perspective.


In the beginning I was the most skeptical of all and would test everything over and over again. But eventually, even I had to admit that I just know things that there is no way in the world I could know. Once I wrapped my head around that fact, I committed to discovering just what it was I have been gifted with and how to make it work. (I don’t seem to come with an instruction manual). I have spent my entire adult life studying, exploring and honing my abilities.

I learned that I came in with a more extensive ability than most to remain “hooked up” or as I like to call it “tuned in” to larger information and awareness than your average bear. What's nice though is I seem to be able to work in a very grounded sensual way, using the five senses in order to explore the 6th sense.

Once I integrated my creative and spiritual sides, my world took on a whole (and more holistic) other layer. The energies that play with me are palpable. It is sort of like being a constant magician in a land of muggles where strange, unexplainable things happen before our very eyes and I just have to wink at everyone and let them know it is all ok...and it is. People sign up for my free weekly newsletter sometimes just to see what in the world has happened to me in the past week...My life seems to play out as binge-worthy entertainment.

Most recently, I have published several books, assisted in getting Jeff Corey's memoir to the public (with a foreword by his former substitute teacher, Leonard Nimoy and artwork by his former student, Jack Nicholson). That was pretty groovy to work on! And I am also doing tons of workshops, lectures and sessions - taking what I have mastered and bringing the knowledge to those who are curious or in need. The coolest thing about my intuition: If I don't know the answer to something, I can just ask. I am sort of like a live action Wikipedia.

So, my friends, that is just a taste of the eclectic life and wild journey I have been on thus far. Please feel free to wander around this site and learn about more specific aspects of my life and career. Most importantly, look for ways that I can continue my quest to assist people in their personal empowerment and let me know how I can be helpful to YOU. I look forward to connecting and adding your success to the story...

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