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How to turn yourself on

So do psychic abilities have an on and off button? I think so. I think most people just haven’t discovered their switch. Some people (like myself) come in with it on already so there is never a search. In fact, for me, I am always looking for a dimmer switch, so that I have a bit more control over how sensitive I am in each situation.

Most people sadly inform me that they just can’t do anything psychic. To which I am deeply known for my normal proclamation, “Of course you can!” After explaining for the quadrillionth time how it is possible, I finally decided to put workshops and a book (The Intuition Tool Kit) together in order to better assist. I lay out essential tools for amplifying natural psychic gifts and yes EVERYBODY has some version of them. That is the point.

I did tons of research and figured out there are over 75 options of ways one can use psychic abilities! And I help people assess which tools to use to solve what is bugging them! It’s basically a treasure hunt culminating in a choose your own adventure.

What I have learned is that everyone has different abilities. I know people who have paid good money to learn how to be clairvoyant. Problem is, they don’t have the gift of visual, they have the gift of sound. So, they MAY develop their clairvoyant abilities but it will probably be slow and not as exciting as it would be if they concentrated on being clairaudient. So what I do is offer every possible ability there is and ways to discern which ones are the most organic skills. And from there, how to use them for one's own evolution.

In this day and age there are too many choices so it is hard to plug into what matters. Or what to focus on. I believe it is important to get an incredible handle on not only how to ask really great questions but where within you or outside of you to go in order to receive the best guidance.

At some point in everyone’s life, they have faced their demons, they have faced their angels, they have faced their joy, and they have faced their disappointment. What they have never faced is their own inner guidance system that was put in place from the moment they were born to assist them in their journey through all of it.

There are missing core ingredients that when put together, hand you the keys to a journey into greater success, happiness, expansion and peace. Discovering one's inner guidance tools is easy, safe, and enjoyable. It is yours for the choosing and the having. It is your birthright. It is the gateway into your inner space - your soul and the pathway to your greatest conceivable life.

So I encourage everyone to INDULGE themselves—we deserve that kind of empowerment and it will take care of others as well.

There is great value in getting to know and rely on yourself in ways you never dreamed possible before. To have extra help structuring your day. Feeling like you have valued friends and love at all hours of the day and night. Instant soothing calm and care and solutions when things are feeling scary. Cool party tricks. It makes you quite attractive and sparkly to others. It enables you to serve your self and others deeply. To love and sustain relationships on a whole different level. And aids in manifesting what you just couldn’t quite make happen on your own.

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