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Ya just never know...

So I was innocently eating my breakfast, reading the New York Times Sunday Book Review when I read a sentence that got my blood boiling. Without swallowing, I ran to my computer and just typed out my annoyance. I had never written a letter to the editor before so it took me a few more minutes to look up the guidelines. I made sure my note was in the proper form and then just pressed send.

There. Done. Relief. No expectations, they get millions of these letters a week. Just needed to get it off my chest...Back to orange juice and eggs.

Two days later coming home from a late night film shoot, I discover a note from the editors that my letter was going to be edited and published the following week! What??!! I spend days, months, years, slaving over the proper word, the best execution, will it or won't it be seen in the world. And this, maybe 15 minutes out of my morning is out in the world in less than a week!!???

The life of a passionate creative is always topsy-turvy. This is just one more example of how you have no idea ultimately, which of your thoughts, impressions, expressions, pieces of art, pieces of you are going to hit the world and when...

In case you are curious - this was my contribution to making the world a better place for parenting partners: Third one down online, Sunday May 13, 2018, in real live print.

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