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Want an entertaining way to learn how to sing better?


"One of the greatest voices I've ever heard...I'm a voice teacher myself & I am definitely endorsing this product. Check it out, Peeps!" 

~ Shari Goldstein Umansky - Singing Teacher


"Of Course You Can Sing!” provides a hot new way to train your voice fast! Enjoyable for singers of any level. 


Singing expert Michelle Cohen provides fun Vocal Coaching lessons through short audio clips PLUS a BONUS workbook. You can do one suggestion a day for a month or pepper a couple into your busy work week. It’s easy with fast results. 


"Michelle's wonderful gift is her ability to tuck all of her technical understanding of the voice into a package full of love, humor, and the joy of making music.”  

~ Steven Spraragen, Associate Director, Playwrights Horizons Theater School, NYC


Treat yourself to this fantastic resource for your vocal development. It’s chock-full of amazing benefits from beginner orientation to professional advice...this course delivers!


Become the most powerful singer you can be. It's a breeze and — fun!


“Michelle makes what can be a dull subject for some (body mechanics and mindful practice of technique) completely joyful…and it's gotten me excited again about singing. It has also reminded me to look more closely at the way I move through the world and inspired me to be more happily conscious of myself, more experimental and open minded, and more intentional in every aspect of my life. Thank you Michelle!”  

~ Barbara Samuelson, Gift Shop Owner


Weeks 1 & 2 build your vocal instrument and confidence.


Weeks 3 & 4 enhance your interpretation and performance abilities.


An easy-to-enjoy program


"I am someone who loved to sing as a child, but quit singing when my voice changed at puberty. I always wanted to start singing again, and Michelle helped me do it with her relaxed, supportive, nonjudgmental and FUN style. I may not be quite ready to cut a record, but it’s such a blessing to have song back in my life. Thanks Michelle!"
~Domonick Wegesin, Mind/Body Therapist and Cognitive Neuroscientist


NOTE: iPhone users- iPhones don’t have the programs to download zips so once you have ordered this product, you may need to go to a computer to download the mp3s and PDF.




Of Course You Can Sing! Coaching Program

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