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Assistance & Encouragement to help calm down when feeling anxious

3 Mp3s and Special BONUS Guide Book 


Michelle takes you through special meditative exercises that help you center and find tranquility. Each recording is under five minutes, so you have quick and easy access to new tools that work!


Calm mp3: Teaches how to relax and create immediate peace and calm


Mindfulness mp3: Quiets the brain and grounds the body


Stress Relief mp3: Releases fear quickly with a special trick plus learning how to understand and listen to what your body needs



Encouragement (for when you are feeling anxious) PDF:

A guide book with a variety of actions, alternate perspectives and thoughts for anyone who is looking for more tools to place in their tool kit when facing anxiousness. Included are lovely landscape photos for you to enjoy and perhaps use for calming visualizations.





Stress Relief, Mindfulness, & Calm Audio Packet

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