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Discover how to work with your Inner Guidance!

This is a super fun downloadable audio Program.


Imagine listening to a comprehensive introduction to YOUR intuitive abilities.


You Can Learn:

•how to find quiet, calm and stillness

•how to access your inner knowing

•easy YES or NO guidance tools to help make optimal choices 

•highly refined question asking skills

•how to access your very own ‘Super Powers’ 


This Offering Includes:

•15 mp3s recorded by Michelle Cohen 

•BONUS PDF workbook of supportive exercises

•over 75 divination tools explained in order to choose which ones you wish to explore


This Tool Kit is a proven way to identify and access YOUR BUILT-IN GUIDANCE SYSTEM so you can direct your life in the best of ways.


This Program Will:

•assist you in harnessing incredible self-empowerment
•blast through whatever is blocking you from living your life to the fullest
•locate your particular inner guidance tools (over 75 options offered just to get started!)
•introduce you to an endless array of how to access the ‘unseen’ world 


It puts you in the driver’s seat with the best navigational system  – YOU. Your inner guidance will become so powerful you will wonder how you got along without it all of these years.




“I wanted the Intuition Tool Kit the moment I saw it. Everyone I know says, “I had a gut feeling” or “I should have listened to my intuition” and for a long time I have wanted to strengthen this ability but didn’t know how. My intuition (thank you) told me the Tool Kit would be powerful and fun – and it is! There is a ton of material but once you start it’s like potato chips and you keep going…It’s hard to stop. Her voice is wonderful to listen to and It feels very personal. This is deep stuff but she makes it accessible. Very happy I listened to my gut.”  ~Randine D, Arizona


“I love the Intuition Toolkit! Michelle has such a wonderful voice that is both comforting and grounding. Her explanations are always clear and thorough and inclusive of every kind of listener…as spiritual as this work is, she allows room for people to use it like science or math or Facebook if they so choose. Not even the biggest skeptics can deny that we all have “gut feelings” regardless of whether we listen to them. That’s the great thing about her approach…she doesn’t preach, she simply shares her knowledge and experience in a very loving way.” ~Stephanie S, New York


“Ms. Cohen’s “Intuition Tool Kit” is giving me a very thorough, step-by-step approach that’s a revelation to me…Applying what I’m learning through this series…I feel so much more connected to myself and the world(s) around me…Thank you Michelle for sharing your amazing gifts! I am excited to keep discovering and developing my own unique abilities.” ~ Peter S, New York

SO check in with your intuition and see if you get a huge thumbs up. And then use that thumb to press the ADD TO CART button and secure your future of great guidance! 




NOTE: iPhone users- iPhones don’t have the programs to download zips so once you have ordered this product, you may need to go to a computer to download the mp3s and PDF.

The Intuition Tool Kit - Audio Program

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