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“Every film set is different, but one thing that they all seem to have in common is the trail of broken hearts and bruised egos they leave in their wake. Something about long hours, uncertain pay and high stakes just seems to bring it out of people -- who knew?


As the co-director of LUST LIFE, Michelle Cohen was my on-set secret weapon when it came to managing everybody's needs, keeping everybody happy, and taking care of the people who were bearing the brunt of the exhaustion and chaos. The movie wouldn't be what it is without her optimism, common sense and can-do attitude. If you're looking for a Swiss Army Knife collaborator with a specialization in keeping your set happy and humming, look no further than Michelle, who has carved a niche that is, in my experience, unique -- on-set wellness coordinator.”

-Ben Feuer, Filmmaker

Due to her eclectic background as a performer and behind the scenes creative - producer, director and writer, Michelle brings a powerful array of knowledge and know-how to the table.


Michelle has found herself invited onto numerous film sets, rehearsal rooms, board meetings, etc. to facilitate, observe and assist in a myriad of ways. These include taking private time to work with individuals to bring them up to speed, or assisting the group to find their core issues met in better ways, energy refilled and problems solved.

Her keen intuitive abilities and the higher perspective she is able to tap into adds to the power she is able to generate within each given circumstance. She can attend to the collective need in the room and has proven incredibly paramount to the success of whatever endeavor she gets asked to participate in.

...for film, meetings, rehearsals

“I have spent my entire adult life studying, exploring and honing my abilities both creatively and spiritually. As an intuitive, I have given thousands of readings privately for over twenty years.

In the beginning I was the most skeptical of all and would test everything over and over again.  But eventually, even I had to admit that I just know things that there is no way in the world I should or could know. Once I wrapped my head around that fact, I committed to discovering just what it was I have been gifted with and how to make it work. (I don’t seem to come with an instruction manual).

I have been honored and humbled by the faith and trust people have given me to “look under the hood” and see in what way we can make their lives easier. It is fascinating to me to discover the uniqueness of people’s hearts and the overwhelming similarity to people’s pain. No matter what shape or size it shows up in, everyone is going through something and just wants a bit more love, a lot less fear and a more joyous way to live their lives. It is my endless satisfaction that I get to assist in being one of the messengers on peoples' journeys.

I will never cease to be amazed at the love, the laughter, the wisdom and the kindness I have encountered through spiritual energy. Who or what it is, I am not sure we will ever all agree. But I do agree that, so long as solutions offered for the highest good of all actually can be implemented and work…that this is an astonishing gift to have offered to us in this day and age.


From this perspective, I have had the great privilege of being asked to assist (sometimes surreptitiously, other times openly) in the process of people's endeavors. I have done everything from change the frequency of the vibe in a room, to literally being the 'plug' for people to get re-energized when they are exhausted, to manifesting strange requests, to being a cheerleader and/or shoulder to lean on in times of duress.


I always stay open to what is needed and work with the intention of the highest good for all. It is always fun and interesting. I have been accused of being an 'X-Man' by those who see wild inexplicable magic occurring around them. Who am I to say they are wrong? ”

Wellness and Performance Supervisor

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