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Demystifying the Psychic World

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Demystifying the Psychic World

Time & Location

Jun 02, 8:00 PM

About the Event

There is no actual Hogwarts for sensitive people to go to in order to learn how to work with what they are sensing inside themselves. Until you hear someone speak about the supernatural in practical terms, it remains fuzzy, hard to imagine or downright scary.

Michelle has a knack for making the ‘abnormal’ seem normal and explaining it in ways that make sense to people who may have no frame of reference to the ways of the otherworldly realm.

Michelle is offering this introduction to help people learn about what is possible in a realm that many dismiss as fantasy, sci-fi or delusion. That’s fine. She is not here to change anyone’s belief system. She is just happy to disseminate the information she has received and experiences she has had that others have witnessed. This is in order to help anyone who is curious, see, feel and notice things they were unable to before.

The program will discuss:

  • what does it mean to have intuitive/psychic abilities
  • the different types of psychics and their history
  • how to tell the difference between a fraud and someone who is actually gifted
  • the context as to how supernatural abilities are possible at all
  • who are psychics talking to in order to get their information

PLUS a bonus handy tool to help activate your own intuitive abilities

There will be time for Q & A. This will not be for personal questions but for any classroom type questions about the supernatural world and how it works.

The fun part about the way Michelle works is that if she does not personally know the answer to something, she can ask the question to her “crew” or “posse” as she calls them (entities that are not in human form but she can see and speak to), and they will give an answer instead.

Sign up and check it out. Seeing is believing.

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