Find Your Voice:

Public Speaking Workshop

Imagine looking forward to that phone call, meeting or conference?


Want to improve your presentations? 

What if you could do it with fun through music???

Author of Of Course You Can Sing!, Michelle Cohen believes that the more wonderful noises you make - whether it be a beautiful note or a terrified scream - you can break through anxiety or self-consciousness and make a greater impression in the world. 


Michelle has been an adjunct member of faculty at several acting schools, including NYU and a professional performer and director since childhood. She has taught all levels of business people from CEOs to managers to entrepreneurs, successfully facilitating major breakthroughs in their sense of self and how they present themselves at work.

In this workshop, you will explore:

• Simple, revolutionary practices that erase stress and boost self-assurance

• Steadying nerves and repositioning old habits that stand in the way of peak performance

• How to breathe for better support

• Placement of sound and awareness in the body

• Deeper connection to what you are presenting for optimum effect


Michelle is dedicated to the joy of communicating with pride – so be prepared to laugh a lot and surprise yourself with sudden, seemingly miraculous transformations in your self and your confidence!

(and don’t worry if you think you can’t sing - or if singing gives you anxiety. This is more about the way any kind of music or heightened sound can assist in lifting you out of your habits and into a more satisfying work experience)


“Michelle’s wonderful gift is her ability to tuck all of her technical understanding of the voice into a package full of love, humor, and the joy of making music. Years after working with her, I still rely on the images she gifted to me as her student.” – Steven Spraragen, Associate Director, Playwrights Horizons Theater School (affiliate of NYU/Tisch Undergraduate Drama) 

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