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Broadway Musicals and their Divas: 100 Years of Great Performers Lecture


From the more legit sounds in Showboat to the jazzy riffs of Hadestown, the style and singing of Broadway Musicals has changed immensely through the years — especially for its lead divas. But where did it all begin and how does it continue to adapt to please a modern theatergoer's eyes and ears? It's time to look back on 100 years of Broadway Musicals to uncover the unique styles and abilities of the greatest lead actresses who have ever graced the stage.

Michelle examines the evolution of Broadway Musicals and their lead divas throughout the decades, with the help of technological interventions, changes in cultural taste, and sheer force of personality.

In this lecture, she will explore:

• An overview of the particular sounds that defined each decade of Broadway Musicals, and how the advent of the microphone was a game changer

• A discussion around how different vocal techniques and ranges evolved (and what made them so exciting and unforgettable)

• Early-to-mid 20th century Broadway Musical stars, from Ethel Merman in the 1930s, Mary Martin in the '40s, and Julie Andrews in the ’50s

• The innovative singers of the 1960s, including Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli, and Angela Lansbury

• The '70s & '80s style, which brought in more diversity with divas including Elaine Stritch, Stephanie Mills, and Patti Lupone

• Broadway Musicals stars of today and why they're bigger and more diverse than ever before​

Join Michelle as she explores the most memorable women who have graced the boards for the past 100 years.



"Loved the videos, and oral history of musicals and stars." -Barry

"Hostess was not only informative, but seemed really happy to share with us. She also has a lovely voice." -Eileen

"Great stories & showing how it came out of social history." -Sharon

"All the behind the scenes information and even rare video!! It was amazing and she was a delight!!" -Mary

"Michelle! Her passion and knowledge about Broadway was tremendous. I do hope she does more sessions!" -Linda

"Michelle was such a delightful speaker and had a great voice when she added lyrics." -Suzan

"The presenter was knowledgeable and personable." -Arlene

"I loved the fabulousness of women, the breadth of the speaker's knowledge and clear love for the topic." -Grace

"Wonderful presentation of divas of bwy musicals during a time when bwy is closed down. Well organized and full of energy." -Monte

"It was interesting to see the list of Divas selected. I loved the few clips of music/video that were shown." -Cynthia

"The presenter was the whole package - amazing research and live songs!" -Prudy

"The speaker was well prepared and knowledgeable." -Zena

"The speaker was lively and very knowledgeable. Personally, I really enjoyed the Q&A were we just chatted." -Matthew

"Nice and breezy, with great info on changes in vocal styles/expectations...and the little bits of trivia." -Joanna

"Loved listening to Michelle’s take on the DIVAs and her presentation thru the decades." -Tracy

"I love Michelle’s personal insight and enthusiasm." -Kathy

"Content was great but it was the knowledge, insight and passion of the presenter that really made it fantastic!" -Greg

"Speaker's knowledge and enthusiasm. I was especially impressed with how show grouped the Divas. She probably named every great Diva in the last 8 decades. I certainly appreciated her insights describing the characteristics and versatility of the Divas." -Donald

"Michelle was engaging, knowledgeable, personable, and well organized. Loved her ability to sing segments & share stars performing." -Susan

"Michelle was very knowledgeable about Broadway and the female voice. She presented her material very well." -Barbara

"Michelle was an EXCELLENT speaker and was incredibly knowledgable. I loved the organization of the tops as well as the integration of videos to augment the lecture." -Michael

"Everything! The presenter was knowledgeable , and the presentation was so filled with stories and videos that were well chosen. Wish it could have gone on and on." -Pam

"The presenter was very well informed and organized in her presentation. She gave enough detail but I could have listened to her for much longer." -Kathleen

"The teacher was excellent. She knows her subject matter and knows how to present a coherent story covering decades of the genre. Well organized, informative, good whether you knew a lot or a little about the topic." -Cheryl

"Michelle knows so much about Broadway! She packed a lot of interesting information into the 90- minute webinar." -Judy

"The host was very knowledgeable and prepared. She was articulate and organized and presented a great number of actual brief Broadway performances." -Jay

"Michelle was a fantastic presenter! So well prepared and knowledgeable on the subject matter. She did such a great job trying to fit in as much as she could within the time frame." -Wendy

"Excellent presenter with great insights; liked the performers she covered." -Leslie

"A very knowledgeable and enthusiastic lecturer !" -Harold


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