Learn to Sing and Bond with Your Child


Want to improve your singing?


Joyfully connect with your child?


Author of Of Course You Can Sing!, Michelle Cohen believes that no matter what anyone has told you in the past, you CAN become a better singer.  And what better way to learn than through developing a repertoire that soothes your child and strengthens their abilities as well as your own? 

Response to sound is one of the most highly developed abilities in a newborn, so children need to be musically nurtured from birth. 

“Lullabying is a heartfelt bonding experience for parents and children alike…It can be important in establishing a child’s physical and psychological well-being” -Lisa Bonnár, Research Fellow at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.

In this workshop, you will explore:

  • Stress Release

  • Breathing

  • Humming Emotions

  • Where sound comes from

  • Heart Connecting

  • Organic Physical Movement

  • How and why lullabies leave lasting positive memories

  • Tone and Pitch

  • Overcoming nerves and shyness

  • Lyric expression


Michelle is dedicated to the joy of singing – so be prepared to laugh a lot and surprise yourself

with sudden, seemingly miraculous transformations in your voice and connection!

(Expectant parents are welcome as well) 

“Michelle’s wonderful gift is her ability to tuck all of her technical understanding of the voice into a package full of love, humor, and the joy of making music. Years after working with her, I still rely on the images she gifted to me as her student.” – Steven Spraragen, Associate Director, Playwrights Horizons Theater School (affiliate of NYU/Tisch Undergraduate Drama) 


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