Meet Your Guides



Did you know that every person on this planet is born with extra assistance for navigating their lives? Amongst them are guides constantly at your side giving you signals, messages and support in whatever way they can. 


This workshop enables you to discover who your personal guides are and build a relationship with them. It is the destined meeting your soul has been longing to provide.


Author of The Intuition Tool Kit, Actually, There is Something Under the Bed and Downloads from the Universe, Michelle Cohen's career as an intuitive spans over 20 years. She firmly believes that everyone has the ability to receive messages and assistance on their own. It is just a question of learning how to access the information.   


In this workshop, you will explore:

  • relaxation techniques to get more firmly into your body

  • quieting the mind and opening up the heart

  • how to sense more clearly the messages waiting for you

  • introducing yourself to the guides in your life



Michelle will answer questions about how guidance works, how to identify your “possee” and any other aspects of the metaphysical or supernatural you might be curious about.


Discover the loving presence of guidance and feel the power and reward that comes from interacting more consciously with it! 


“The whole ability to interact and meet the spirit guides was really a very exciting moment for me…It left me confident that I have support 24/7 and to have that kind of sensation – that you have a group that has your back and is supporting you with all of the decisions you are making in your life left me feeling very comforted, very inspired”- Rob K., New York



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