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 Demystifying the World of Psychics


When most people hear of supernatural experiences, they tend to label them as unbelievable, delusional, or a spooky hoax. But what if there was an instructional method on how to understand and communicate with these 'abnormal' feelings? This lecture enables Michelle, a deeply gifted Intuitive to teach her craft to anyone who's curious about how to see, feel, and notice elements of an otherworldly realm. It gives insight and practical introduction into the realm of psychics and how to interpret the unseen supernatural world around us.


Author of The Intuition Tool Kit, Actually, There is Something Under the Bed and Downloads from the Universe, Michelle Cohen's career as an intuitive spans over 20 years. She firmly believes that everyone has the ability to receive messages and assistance on their own. It is just a question of learning how to access the information.


In this lecture, you will explore:

  • What it means to have intuitive and psychic abilities

  • The different types of psychics and their history

  • Methods to distinguish gifted psychics from fraudulent ones

  • The context behind how supernatural abilities are possible at all

  • An answer to the question of who psychics talk to in order to get their information

  • A bonus handy tool to help activate your own intuitive abilities



Michelle will answer questions about aspects of the metaphysical or supernatural you might be curious about.


Discover the loving presence of the supernatural world and feel the power and reward that comes from interacting more consciously with it! 


“The whole ability to interact and meet the spirit guides was really a very exciting moment for me…It left me confident that I have support 24/7 and to have that kind of sensation – that you have a group that has your back and is supporting you with all of the decisions you are making in your life left me feeling very comforted, very inspired”- Rob K., New York



for more information and to schedule this lecture: 

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