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Money Bunny Special Visualization

Session with Michelle

Want to blast away money blocks?


Here is a Special Visualization Offer:

One session - working with me and your very own personal "Money Bunny" to help get you and your finances working in healthy partnership!

How it works:

Over the phone, for 1/2 an hour, we do a guided meditation into your inner plane. You can consider this your imagination, a movie in your mind, your inner guidance, a safe resting destination inside of you...whichever version makes the most sense to you.

We will ask to meet your "Money Bunny" - this is the inner representation of your ability to have money flowing in your life for your highest good.

If your "Money Bunny" is in great shape, He/She/It will show up as an actual healthy looking rabbit. If that is the case, YAY! we can ask how it would like to work with you in order to help bring your desired needs in the most ease filled ways.

If your "Money Bunny" is not in great shape, He/She/It will show up in some distorted way. Perhaps as a cartoon, or can't sit still, etc... we shall see. At this point, we will start a conversation with it (you will probably receive information and I will as well). Together we will discover what your "Money Bunny" needs in order to transform into wholeness. And learn how the two of you can continue working in tandem to the best results for you and your life.

So much fun! And very powerful.

1/2 hour session: $125.00

Contact me to schedule your appointment.


Let me know whether you prefer day time or evening, weekdays or weekends. Also what time zone you are in (I am on EST).

Payment through Paypal or Venmo - so please give me your contact info for whichever you prefer and I will send a payment request. Payment must be received prior to our session together.

No preparation is necessary. Let me know if you would like to record the session. Then just look forward to a wonderful, healing experience!

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