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When choices come up and brand new decisions need to be made, how do you make them? Is it possible to feel really good about the next move you make?

What if you had a very definitive YES or NO system that was incredibly reliable?

Here is an excerpt from The Intuition Tool Kit to help guide you…

"So imagine that you wake up really tired and you say, “oh please please please can I just sleep a little longer?” And you check in and you get a YES! So you hit the snooze button, you get ten more minutes of sleep, you get up, your day goes perfectly. It’s an awesome day.

And then another time you wake up and again, “please please please can I just sleep a little longer?” And you check in and you get a NO. Get up. So you get up and you are surprisingly more awake than you expected to be and once again you have an awesome day. What you have done is create this wonderful collaboration that includes a YES or NO deciding factor that is so strong it can assist in whatever choices you need to make within your day.

The very technical term for the first tool to assist is called Flipism. What it’s normally called is - flip a coin. Ya, it’s that simple. Decide if heads is YES or NO and obviously tails would be the opposite. You ask your question, you flip the coin and you get the YES or the NO answer.

Now I am sure you are thinking, “um, no, that is not a divination tool.” Ah, but it is. Here is the reality. Whenever you are drawn to the idea of flipping a coin to determine an outcome, it usually means you are probably either somewhat indifferent, or stuck or unsure or ambivalent about the response that you are willing to just “leave it up to the fates to decide.” And what happens is, when you flip that coin and get a definitive YES, you find yourself having a strong reaction. You are responding to the finality of the YES or the NO.

Here is the beauty of it. That YES or NO does not mean that is your fate, you are stuck, this is what you have to do. What’s the most important part is noticing how you feel about that answer.

And this goes for anything you are doing. Any kind of divination or decision making, once you come face to face with that decision, really check in - because that is the ultimate answer. The answer is whether you want to run screaming from the room in protest which probably means you need to assess what you are asking for again. Or if you feel really great about it and total relief. Then you did it, you found the response that best reflects what you want and need for yourself.

So flipism is a really great way to get an immediate reflection of where you are at with a certain question. And it is sort of fun - you can keep a coin in your pocket or in your pocketbook throughout the day and you can do with it what you will.

Another external way to get answers to prayers or messages in symbolic outward ways are what I would call asking for a sign. This might end up being a bit more complex than simply getting a literal yes or no, but asking for and receiving some signal that you are on the right track, or a clue as to where to look or think or go next is handy. You know how sometimes someone will drop to their knees and shout out “Show me a sign!” Luckily we don’t need to be that desperate or dramatic. We can simply ask about whatever situation we are in and say, “I would love a sign, I would love a message to help me with my YES or NO decision.”

So one of the more ancient ways people have been receiving their signs is through something very formally called Bibliomancy. How does it work? Basically, you grab a book, flip open to a page that calls to you, place your finger on a random sentence and let the words establish a message for you. It’s essentially divination by randomly opening a book.

The main book that this has been used for, for centuries, is the Bible. And whatever verse someone pointed to was perceived as a prediction of future events or an answer to their prayers. It seems in Pagan times, Homer and Virgil were used which I think is kind of cool. Now it doesn’t have to be some huge important tome. It can really be anything that you feel a strong pull towards. You can simply go to your shelf, pick up the book that seems like the one that wants to be in your hands the most. Open it up, read the sentence that ends up under your finger and lo and behold, it will probably make you laugh because it is the perfect selection of words that brings you comfort, guidance or clues as to what to do next. I actually created Downloads from the Universe as a bibliomancy book of affirmations and suggestions to help with your day!

Now if you are a more aural person, you can also set this up through radio and through song. You can say, the next song I hear is going to have a message for me. And suddenly a certain lyric comes in that is the perfect response you were looking for.

You can do this when you are outside, walking or driving. It could be a billboard or a sign in a storefront, or a license plate. There are so many ways that messages can come to you. You can think of it as some lovely unseen being sending a message to you or it could be as simple as you are adjusting your brain to look for other interpretations. So by the power of your suggestion, it is now scouting and looking around. It is seeing if there is some association that you can make that will help you come up with a better solution.

Another nice little treat is when you have lost someone and you want to feel a connection with them and perhaps get their YES or NO opinion on what you are working on. You can set up something like - every time I see a penny on the street or I find a feather - that is going to make me think of that person that I love and that will be a signal that they approve of what I am doing and want to encourage me to continue. And sure enough you are going to start seeing pennies or feathers everywhere you go, including places where they would never normally be. It’s quite magical.

OK, now this final suggestion is something I came up with myself and I have been using for the past couple of months and I am LOVING it! So I wanted to share it with you as a wonderful way to start working in tandem with your guidance in order to find structure and help prioritize your day.

It is basically writing down everything you do or want to do in your life on slips of paper, putting them all into a hat or a box or I just put it into a plastic bag and drawing it out. Each morning I pick maybe four or five slips of paper at random and whatever ones I get, gives me a sense of how to organize my day.

I find it so useful because I have so many things going on not just professionally but personally as well, I can’t always decide by myself what is the best next thing to concentrate on or to do.

And so in the same way I would ask my YES or NO whether I should hit the snooze button or not, drawing these slips of paper, helps me to see what is a bit more of a priority or important to get done in the day. Because whatever energy is working with me has a higher awareness of things coming down the pike. I may think there is something I can get to later on and it suddenly comes up and I realize I need to get to it sooner than later.

That is actually something that just happened to me recently. I had a deadline that in my head I had the wrong date for. I was thinking it was for the 20th and it was actually for the 10th. So when I pulled the slip of paper out on an earlier day than I expected, I thought “that is really weird, why am I working on this now, it’s not due for another two weeks.” And then I looked at my calendar and realized “OH actually it’s due soon, I do have to attend to it now.”

So I have found this an astonishingly useful tool for organizing my life and keeping up with things I would not necessarily be able to guess at just by myself. And once I complete the few papers that I pulled in the morning, I will pull a couple more throughout the day. I have found this super super useful and an amazing organizing tool. Also you can combine all of the categories into one bag and let your entire life be up for grabs or you can pull slips of paper from individual categories. For example - Instead of wondering if you are going to pull out anything about working out from the huge pile, just have a workout bowl and see what you pull for that day. Play around with what system works best for your life and lifestyle."

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